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Cable confectioning

3D printing

Mechanics manufacturing

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Our manufacturing department can provide a number of solutions for the production of various electronic devices. We undertake the production of printed circuit boards according to the exact specifications provided by our clients. We procure the necessary parts from our certified suppliers and we also provide the stencil based on the preliminary production documentation. We undertake the manual implantation of both conventional encapsulated (THD) and surface-mounted (SMD) components – and we also have an implantation machine specifically designed for the latter. We can also handle complete projects, from financial planning to shelf-ready implementation.

We make mechanical designs and design solutions as well. Thanks to our 3D equipment we can show how the prototype will look to our customers on extremely short deadlines. When it comes to larger series, we can organize the entire mechanical production through our extensive partner network once the project plan is prepared and approved.

Our team assembles both prototypes and large series with outstanding expertise. We place great emphasis on optimizing our products for serial production. We can develop our own test procedures or make test benches and perform final tests according to the customer's instructions.

SMD component implantation:

• Leaded or lead-free pasting using AUTOTRONIK SP600 semi-automatic stencil printer
• Component implantation using SAMSUNG SM482 6-spindle pick and place machine

Manual component implantation:

The implantation of specially shaped or sized parts is done by our experts manually in an antistatic environment
Soldering of SMD components with ASSCON VP800 vapor-phase reflow soldering system


Implanted panels are always inspected via Ald7222 i3D AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection system)

Conventional component implantation:

• Preparation of parts with foot bending and cutting machines
• Soldering with lead or lead-free wire

Soldering is done by our experts with high-performance JBC soldering irons that are ideal for large-area lead-free soldering or use our Nordson Select Novo 300 S for this purpose.

Panel programming:

Depending on the customer’s needs, we can enliven calibrate or test the manufactured panels according to the customer’s exact instructions

Our company also undertakes the development of programming-, calibration-, resuscitation and test procedures.

Cable confectioning:

• Machine-assisted cutting and blanking of cables
• Machine-assisted crimping of cable ferrules and lugs
• Assembling cable whips
• Testing various cables as instructed

3D printing:

3D models made with FDM technology are printed with the layer thickness, color and firmness based on their intended purpose. Our qualified colleagues will assist in choosing the most optimal parameters to ensure the best 3D printed model.

Manufacturing finished products:

• Mechanical design
• Machining via CNC milling machine
• Machine-assisted and manual implantation of panels
• Fitting
• Complete installation
• Testing
• Packaging








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